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Definitely, everybody knows THEM… One of them is the King of Supermarkets, the other one – the King of Real Estate.

George Trefilov,
Ex-president of the "MARTA" Holding


Sergey Polonskiy
Ex-president of the "MIRAX GROUP"

However very few people know that they are old bosom friends.

S.Polonskiy and G.Trefilov


So "friends will be friends" and they really have a lot in common, e.g. economic "bubbles" and Ponzi games as a money making method.
They also have the same problems and even the same criminal offence - large scale fraud (RF Criminal Rule 159, part 4).

… even the way of solving these problems is also the same for both of them – Escape from Russia.

The slight difference is that the King of Supermarkets flies to the UK, London
and the King of Real Estate - to the Kingdom of Cambodia, on the eight islands.

G.Trefilov with his wife J.Trefilova
at the newsical "The Citizen Poet" Queen Elizabeth II
Conference Centre, London


S.Polonskiy with Martha,
the monkey, island Koh Dek Koul, Cambodia