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Victor Gvozdev. Latest News


On January 24, 2014 The Dorogomilovsky District Court of Moscow sentenced Victor Gvozdev, former senior prosecutor of the supervising department, which investigates particularly important cases and reports directly to the General Prosecutor of the Russian Federation. In 2013 Gvozdev was recognized guilty of fraud under Article 159 Part 4, shortly after the announcement made by George Trefilov in the Westminster Magistrates’ Court in London, during the extradition case of Trefilov at the request of the Russian General Prosecutor's Office (made in 2012).

Some sources in the media ("Kommersant") argue that with such a written statement Trefilov also appealed to the investigative department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in November 2012. The statement indicated extortion by Gvozdev against Trefilov in an amount of 1 million dollars for possible assistance in requalification of some articles in Trefilov’s criminal case for a "softer" sentence. As has been widely reported, in the Westminster Court there were video and audio evidence brought against the ex-prosecutor.

In the statement made by Trefilov and his defense, as well as in the subsequent verdict of British judge Nicolas Evans, V. Gvozdev’s actions were positioned as a manifestation of corruption in Russia. Commenting on these developments in the media over the last year, Trefilov actively developed a story, where he was a victim of group, long-term, systematic extortion by employees of Internal Affairs, and repeatedly, with "righteous indignation", predicted that Gvozdev would "get off" with some minor punishment.

It must be emphasized that this story of political oppression and corruption in law enforcement agencies is the most popular among the fugitive former Russian officials, businessmen and others.

Additionally, serious and unfounded accusations from Trefilov targeted other employees of the investigative committee, who were at various times relevant to the investigation of his own case - fraud and causing property damage of 1.9 billion rubles to Russian banks.

Nevertheless, the fact is that all of the "negotiations" with Trefilov Gvozdev spent, being already for some time in retirement. The investigation established that in reality Gvozdev could not help Trefilov with anything, at the very least because he had no influence over the course of the case, which was well out of his jurisdiction.

Gvozdev admitted to the fraudulent activities and repented fully, indemnifying Trefilov in the amount of 50,000 dollars (which has been received from Trefilov’s trustee as an "advance" and which was returned in the same way – Trefilov is currently located in London, and is also carrying out a suspended sentence for using false documents).

During the investigation, Victor Gvozdev was held in jail for 8 months. Dorogomilovsky Court sentenced Gvozdev to four years' probation, out of consideration for Gvozdev’s service in the Ministry of Internal Affairs for over 30 years and his poor health.

Many media have noticed that Trefilov, as a victim, did not get involved in the investigation of the Gvozdev case and "Kommersant" (on February 4, 2014) even said that "the victim, Trefilov, asked the court for leniency for the prosecutor."

Apparently, "nothing personal"?